Now I don’t have to worry about cracked heels. L. M.

I use this everyday and soooo love it. J. R.

So soft and smooth on my skin. P. C.

My son started using the Laser Enzyme Gel this summer and really loved how it made his skin feel without causing acne. B. C.

When I exercise outside it doesn’t sweat off. L. J.

LOVE this for playing Tennis! J. K.

My skin feels so soft and clean. W. R.

My very favorite Elta MD product and I think I use them all!! W. M

In the winter, this is the best lotion I have ever used. D. S.

Older skin seems to need more moisture than younger skin, so I’m so glad I found this to help me look younger. H. S.

I use this even in the A.M. M. S.

I had dark circles under my eyes so I started using Renew Eye Gel, then Joan told me I could use it on my laugh lines and other deep wrinkles. Great results. J. P.

I just spray my kids well and no more worries. K. N

I feel so comfortable using this sunscreen on my baby but I also use it on my older children too. C. K.

So light I hardly know I have it on. My husband even uses it. P. P.

This sunscreen doesn’t break me out. J. D.

Feels light on my skin but still protects well. B. W.

I use this all year. Summer time sunscreen and winter moisturizer. No more chapped lips!! D. T.