Does the treatment hurt?


Pain-Free, Hair-Free gently heats targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of laser energy, while you stay comfortable. Nearly any part of the body can be treated safely and comfortably, including the face, neck, legs, arms, bikini, back and stomach. The vast majority of patients have no problems tolerating the procedure. With our new machine which uses a gliding super hair removal technique, the discomfort usually felt with other machines, namely the snap of a rubber band is reduced to a mild warmth, basically painless. No topical anesthetics are necessary at all even in the bikini area, thereby reducing the possibility of any adverse reactions - allergic or otherwise. Because the laser is constantly in motion, many patients say that Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments feel similar to a hot stone massage.

Who is a candidate for hair removal?


In most cases, patients with fair skin and dark hair are ideal for laser hair removal services. Black and brown hair responds best. Hair that has lost its (melanin) color (white and gray) will most likely not respond. Blond and red hair might respond. African Americans can be treated as well but may need pre-treatment with special creams to prevent skin darkening. This should be discussed at the first consultation appointment.

What is the average number of treatments needed?


6-8 treatments as an average with a waiting period of 4-8 weeks between treatments. Not all people are looking for complete hair removal. This is especially true for men wanting to thin out their body hair. The waiting period between treatments will be different depending upon the body area being treated. This will be determined during the consultation visit.

Is laser hair removal permanent?


The FDA has approved our Alma laser for permanent hair reduction.

How much does it cost?


Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatment costs vary by the size of the area you want treated. Compared witha  lifetime of shaving, waxing or plucking, Pain-Free, Hair-Free can be a worthwhile investment in both time and money-savings . The average cost of laser hair removal treatment is currently between $150 and $300 for a medium sized area, per laser session. During your consultation visit, you will be given, in writing, your specified cost and the expected number of treatments necesary. Small areas are between $50 and $150. Promotions may apply. Package discounts are available.

What should I know before making an appointment for consultation and/or treatment?


It is best to stop treating your hair by any method (shaving, clipping, etc.) for at least 2 days before your consultation visit so that we can see your area of concern. You must shave the day before coming in for hair removal. Waxing, plucking and bleaching must be stopped three weeks prior to treatment. Clipping or shaving may be substituted. No tanning for two weeks prior to treatment. White and grey hairs are not amenable to laser hair removal. 

Is it safe?


Hair removal is one of the aesthetic medical industry's most well-known and researched uses of lasers. Pain-Free, Hair-Free's SopranoXL laser has provided permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide, safely and successfully since it was cleared by the FDA in 2005.

Will my hair ever grow back?


Once the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow new hair. However, there are invariably a few hair follicles that manage to partially escape the laser during each treatment. Some of these follicles may be only stunned and will need to be re-treated.

Do I need to plan for time off as a result of the treatments?


No. Pain-Free, Hair-Free requires no "down time" or recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work or school immediately.

How do I know it won't hurt?


Most people find Pain-Free, Hair-Free very comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients often describe the sensation as a hot stone massage.

LaserLightMD will provide you with:


  • Comfortable treatment

  • Effective permanent reduction of hair

  • Quick-treatments taking place in usually, under an hour

  • A recovery-free experience

  • Treatments effective for all skin types, including dark skin, as well as different hair types

  • Treatments effective on all areas of the body

  • Monthly specials (call periodically for details)