- Melts on contact and retains 90% of skins

  moisture for at least 12 hours

- Waterproof formula moisturizes deeply

- Helps relieve skin problems associated with   diabetes, renal disease and medications      

  such as tretinoin.


  2.8 oz tube

Elta MD Melting Moisturizer

Calm irritation with this unique dry skin care cream.

This moisturizer works differently than most formulas. As you rub it into your skin, the moisturizer begins to melt into your body without a heavy or thick finish. The clear formula looks like petroleum jelly, but has a less greasy and softer feel. It almost becomes a liquid on your face or body as you work the dry skin care cream into the area. EltaMD "Melting" Moisturizer (Intense Moisturizer) was developed to retain 90% of the moisture in your skin for at least 12 hours. Keep this slim moisturizer tube next to your bed for deep hydration all night long.


This EltaMD moisturizer helps soothe eczema and sunburn.

EltaMD "Melting" Moisturizer (Intense Moisturizer) is perfect for post-procedure or sensitive skin battling common concerns and irritation. The gentle, lightweight formula spreads easily and minimizes dryness deep below the skin’s surface as you sleep. Apply it to dry elbows and heels to soften rough patches. You can also smooth it over areas with eczema, psoriasis or other concerns for reduced redness, flaking and itchiness. It’s a great facial moisturizer for a retinoid regimen or after a peel that leaves your skin a little dry.